Conveyance Security

We use Container Security

  • Shippers use only high security seals issued by Target’s nominated Ocean Carriers, and steel cable seals issued by Damco.

  • All seals affixed are cross checked by driver before departure from factory to ICD. Departures from any rest stations. Arrival at holding station at ICD.Gate in at ICD

  • Process in place to report change of seal numbers e.g. due to operational reasons

We use Conveyance Monitoring

  • Gate out stamps from factories on LR copies /delegation letter confirmed complete stuffing and ready for dispatch.

  • Trucks arriving at ICD are checked while gate-in terminals by Regent Drivers, supervisors, terminal operator.

  • In-Truck GPS/Manual Tracking employed

  • Drivers trained on Driving , Safety and Road sense to ensure secure conveyance.

We use Incident/Discrepancy Reporting

  • Drivers to report any unusual observation, stoppage, delays or other incidents to Dispatch Team.

  • Management Team to inform Damco.

  • Onward reporting of incidents to Target by Damco as part of Target’s clearly defined incident reporting procedure

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