Security Awareness & Training

We use Training Content

  • Materials obtained from DAMCO and websites

  • Materials and requirements from Trucking Security Procedures

  • Extends beyond Regent’s employees to contractor’s /employees where feasible

  • Training done at induction and at intervals for Office employees, Drivers, supervisors, maintenance and all relevant staff.

  • Face-to-face training for subcontractors.*if required

We use Scope of Training

  • Training provided is customized to job roles performed, however common topics covered include:-
    Purpose of C-TPAT program
    Roles & responsibilities
    Threat awareness
    Container integrity
    Seal control & integrity
    Access control to Facility, container, storage areas.
    In-house rules
    Reporting of suspicious persons and security incidents
    Facility physical security

We use Record of Training

  • Training records keep track of who has or has not been trained in each topic.

  • Attendance Sheets are kept

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