Physical Security

We use Perimeter & General Facility

  • Main Office: Well Protected Wall around premises with 2 CCTV cameras.

  • Lighting in place for facility perimeter, building structure and entrances/exits.

  • Periodic inspections conducted

  • Dadri Office : Within ALL CARGO Facility and this facility fulfills the C-TPAT physical Security requirements as this ware house is C-TPAT Compliant.

  • Parking area: Surrounded by 8FT high walls and secured with CCTV and guarded at entrance and exit.

We use Building Structure

  • Brick walls.

  • Locked when not in use.

  • Inspections conducted to ensure building integrity.

  • Employees trained to report breach or weakness observed.

  • Keys of Office is kept secured by the company owners and supervisors

We use Monitoring Systems

  • Security Guards at office

  • Workspace layout & design help ensure maximum control of movement of outsiders within facility

  • CCTV System supplemented by appropriate lighting

  • Entrance into office and parking facility monitored by security guards to prevent entry of suspicious items or persons.

Office Location