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JSB Food Processing offers variety of Tamarind sourced worldwide.
The ripe fruit of tamarind tree is used as a condiment. It is a moderate size to large, evergreen tree, up to 24 mtr in high and 7 mtr in girth. Bark is brown or dark gray, longitudinally and horizontally fissured. There are two varieties of tamarind: sweet, and sour. Though most trees in India yield sour fruits, the type of tamarind sold fresh to consumers is the sweeter variant.

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Tamarind is picked fresh during the season, deseeded and packed as chunks so it comes to you in the best quality possible from the wild tamarind trees in the forest borders of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra collected by local farmers. Now add to bring a tangy and appetizing flavor your chutneys, sambar and rasam with Tamarind. Tamarind helps in easy digestion of fatty foods and helps treat diarrhea, arthritis and stomach ache. It gives relief from whooping cough and sore throat.

How to order Tamarind from India

To order Tamarind or get more information about this product please contact us by filling the contact form in below page or call us over phone +91 97119 95436 or email us at query@jsb.in.

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